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Tyre diagnosis system Easy Tread with Easy Cam | Inground

Automatic tyre tread measurement system with crossing speed up to 8 km/h | Easy Tread with Easy Cam for inground installation

The tyres are the only contact points between a vehicle and the road. The quality of this bonds decides how safely the vehicle can be accelerated and braked. Especially aquaplaning can only be avoided by sufficient tread depth. This is why checking tread wear is a mandatory item of all statutory safety inspection. At the same time, uneven tread wear is a clear indication for a workshop that a wheel alignment should be considered - and that a wheel alignment check should be proposed to the customer.

  • The Easy Tread needs only few seconds to calculate the tyre’s tread depths of a vehicle
  • Clear display of tyre tread depth and wear information, within short time
  • Recommended action are displayed (for the vehicle and/or the tyre)
  • Crossing speed up to 8 km/h
  • Can be integrated inground in the workshop
  • High precision thanks to the larger wheel contact area.
  • Browser-based measurement results on smart TV, PC or tablet computer
  • No PC needed (can be however used to manage Customer-data, measuring data and statistics)
  • Interface to connect the device in a customer owner system, where the data can be transferred for further processing (option)
  • No moving parts (low maintenance)
  • Assignment of the tread depths to a certain vehicle, by mean of the automatic license plate recognition (Easy Cam - option)
  • Quality from Germany

Easy Cam - Automatic identification of number plates when rolling over:

  • Infrared camera with independant fully automatic self timer
  • Universal set-up for front and rear number plate identification
  • Data transfer to Easy Tread via LAN
  • Robut steel housing as roll-over protection (Protection class IP65)

Scope of delivery:

  • Easy Tread modules for inground installation (measurement modules, LAN cables, main switch box, glass cleaner) (item no. 1 691 200 002)
  • Foundation frame to be cemented in with filling pieces and socket for the EasyCam (item no. 1 691 200 010)
  • License plate recognition EasyCam inground camera kit incl. centre cover (item no. 1 691 200 009)
License plate recognition Easy Cam | Inground 1 691 200 009
Foundation frame for Easy Tread and VAS 741083 RDS 1 691 200 010
Tyre width max.450 mm
Protection classIP 65
Depth1040 mm
Height85 mm
Power supply100 - 230 V | 50 - 60 Hz | 1 ph
Width2245 mm
Maximum load per axle4 t
Operating temperature0 - 40 °C
Track width1080 - 1820 mm
Speed max.8 km/h
Number of languages (software)18
PC trolley for Easy Tread1 691 200 023

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Easy Tread

Easy Tread

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