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Side Slip Tester ST 600

Special accessory for series BD 4xxx brake tester | only to be used for checking toe-in or toe-out on double-track vehicles

Article number: 1 691 631 013

  • The ST 600 is a laterally slidable steel plate.
  • A precision potentiometer or resistance strain gauge sensor measures the lateral deflection of the side slip tester.
  • The purpose of the compensation plate (1 691 631 404) is to compensate unwanted mechanical stress in the chassis before the side slip measurement starts. As a result the side slip measurement is more repeatable.

Scope of delivery:

  • Side slip tester ST 600 incl. mounting set
  • Depending on version: - Precision potentiometer inc. cables - Resistance strain gauge sensor incl. cables - Compensation plate incl. mounting set
Weight30 kg
Protection classIP 54
Length750 mm
Height47 mm
Operating temperature-10 - 50 °C
Width440 mm
Max. axle load testable2000 kg
Measuring range+/- 20 mm/m
Storage temperature-10 - 50 °C
Relative humidity max.< 85 %
Max. drive-over load4000 kg
Toe Compensation Plate CP 610 | for side slip tester ST 6001 691 631 404
Assembling frame for Side slip1 691 632 000
Assembling frame with CP 6101 691 632 001

Product information sheet

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