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Truck tyre changer MS 70 | RAL5015 | 400V

Universal fitting technology up to 26" rim diameter | up to a wheel width of 800 mm | adjustable hydraulic pressure and clamping force

Article number: 1 694 200 070

  • The technical design of the MS 70 allows easy fitting of all tyres to a maximum wheel width of 800 mm.
  • The bi-directional robust wheel clamping device ensures a high degree of safety when fitting and dismantling wheel assemblies.
  • The hydraulic pressure arm maintains exceptional movement during the process. These are features of Beissbarth products which universally acclaimed as innovative as well as practical.

Sturdy jaw clamp

  • Each wheel is firmly held by four clamping jaws. The clamping jaws allows bi-direction of the device for easy removal and fitting of tyres. These features bring reliability and robustness as part of the Beissbarth approach to technology.

Practical details

  • The pressure roller can be turned to two positions and locked. This makes breaking of tyre beads easier. The fitting hook is used for wheels with tubes or commercial vehicles.
Max. wheel diameter1640 mm
Bead breaker force3100 kg
Weight593 kg
Rim diameter max.26 "
Wheel width max.800 mm
Wheel weight max.1200 kg
Depth1400 mm
Height1240 mm
Power supply3 x 400 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Width1640 mm
Rim diameter min.14 "
Rim clamp 1 695 300 099
Protection jaws for aluminium rims | 26" | 4 pcs.1 695 400 139
Roller for tubeless tyres | for all truck tyre changers1 695 300 102
Inflation Cage | for truck tyres1 694 302 032
Electronic inflation computer | for tyre inflation cage1 695 700 052
Tubeless Inflation Device | for inflation cage1 695 700 051
Pneumatic Bead Depressor | for truck tyre changers MS 70/75/78/801 695 103 526
Split ring wheel clamp | for OTR (Off-the-road) wheels1 695 300 098
Bead lifting lever | for truck tyre changers1 695 300 094
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Heavy duty wheel service

Heavy duty wheel service


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