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Inflation Cage | for truck tyres

Safe inflation of truck tyres of up to 1500m in diameter

Article number: 1 694 302 032

Safety First!

Protects user during inflation of industrial tyres with a diameter of up to 1500mm.

The special type of perforated mesh enclosing the structure minimizes the shock wave which might be generated by a tyre burst.

Note: Tubeless inflation kit and the electronic inflation control need to be ordered separately.

Max. wheel diameter1500 mm
Weight165 kg
Rim diameter max.26 "
Wheel width max.670 mm
Length1600 mm
Height1580 mm
Width800 mm
Rim diameter min.14 "
Gross weight180 kg
Max. air supply10 bar
Tubeless Inflation Device | for inflation cage1 695 700 051
Electronic inflation computer | for tyre inflation cage1 695 700 052

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