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BBFAS 1000 Basic Kit

Beissbarth BB FAS 1000 - The manufacturer-compliant calibration device for vehicles of the VW Group

Article number: 8 900 380 003

Manufacturer-compliant ADAS calibration with BBFAS 1000 calibration device: Mobile, fast and precise

  • 100% vehicle manufacturer compliance in combination with Beissbarth 3D + wheel alignment (alignment to the trust angle)
  • static calibration of cameras (Lane departure assistant) and distance radar sensors
  • Extension for LIDAR and night vision cameras possible at any time
  • Extension to a multi-brand solution possible at any time, suitable for calibration of other makes
  • Robust and torsion-resistant frame for mobile use on different working bays
  • Precise leveling with height-adjustable feet and precision spirit-levels with accuracy up to three angular minutes
  • High alignment accuracy in the axis of rotation: up to one angular minute
  • Precise yaw angle adjustment
  • Longitudinal alignment by means of drawbar and guided wheels. No adjustment necessary after a transversal re-positioning of the device.

Highest alignment accuracy in combination with wheel alignment:

  • Suggested Beissbarth wheel aligners: Beissbarth Easy 3D + wheel aligner and Easy CCD + wheel aligner
  • Guided OEM testing and setting procedures included in the wheel alignment software support the user
  • 100% process Control
  • Height and distance to the front wheel centre are displayed in real-time to support the full process control (only with 3D+)
  • Manufacturer-compliant wheel alignment with run-out-compensation
  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive user guidance for aligning to the trust angle with 3D + or CCD + software


Note: For a manufacturer-compliant calibration, the wheel alignment measurement is absolutely necessary


  • Wide vehicle coverage thanks to optional multi-brand system:
  • BBFAS 1000 calibration device can be extended with additional crossbar and modular calibration targets (e.g. BBFAS 141x Kit)
  • Alignment to vehicle symmetry axis, track or ground markings are possible
  • Optional: Compact storage box for modular calibration boards


Note: For adjusting the driver assistance systems, an OBD diagnostic device is also required

Standard target boards for DAS calibration jig1 690 701 119
FAS Measurement panel for Beissbarth 3D wheel aligner | left1 690 701 120
FAS Measurement panel for Beissbarth 3D wheel aligner | right1 690 701 121
Special target boards for DAS calibration jig in combination with 4-post lifts1 690 701 152
BBFAS 1410 8 900 380 006
BBFAS 1415 8 900 380 007
Mobile adjustment device BBFAS 1000 base unit8 900 381 137
ACC reflector mirror | for radar calibration8 900 381 150
Calibration target lane keeping assistant for VW Group BBFAS 10008 900 381 147
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DAS Adjustment

DAS Adjustment


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