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Vertical Scissor Lift VLS 5660LA | Above ground / Inground

Electro-hydraulic vertical scissor lift for wheel alignment | 6000mm | 6000kg | with wheel lift 3500kg | Q.Lign-ready

Article number: 1 692 851 358

Optimized for wheel alignment works

  • 6m length for measurements from Smart to Sprinter
  • Extra wide platforms for easy positioning of the vehicle
  • Pre-installed lighting kit for improved visibility under the vehicle
  • Integrated middle support ensures a levelled surface at zero position
  • Pneumatic lock & unlock rear sliding plates with more than 2800mm in length
  • Levelable to fulfill highest accuracy requirements of OEMs
  • Factory-prepared for Q.Lign

Quality lift for quality services

  • Highest corrosion protection – Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC) standard for platforms and filling piecesVertical scissor structure allows free access from all sides of the lift
  • Integrated alignment turntable recess - Stainless steel surface with extra sealing compound to avoid corrosions - Standard supply of all filling pieces to fully cover the turntable recess - Works with all common turntables with 50mm height
  • High quality control console made from metal with pre-mounted hydraulic components to ensure quick and easy installation. Can be placed to the left and right of the lift
  • Contrary to conventional scissor lift structures, vertical scissor lifts platforms are supported closer to the wheel contact points and ensure more stability in raised conditions. The VLS5660 is therefore the optimal choice to achieve best alignment results and straight steering wheels
  • Automatic drive-off protection that allows use of complete platform length
  • Enforced platforms with levelable alignment positions: - Levelable at zero position: Yes - Lowest raised alignment position: 1038mm - Highest raised alignment position: 1972mm

Quick & easy installation

  • Suited for above floor and inground installations
  • Height of platforms only 295mm
  • Schneider air pressure connector included as standard

Engineered and produced in compliance with the following directives:

  • European directives: 2014/30/UE, 2006/42/CE, 2014/35/UE
  • Technical standard: EN 1493:2010, EN ISO 12100:2010
  • Electronics: UNI EN 60204-1

LA: With integrated wheel lift with 3500kg capacity and rubber pads

Note: Depending on the type of installation (above floor or inground) the necessary drive-on ramps need to be purchased separately. Bolts & dowels for installation are not included.

Operating pressure300 bar
Compressed air connection6 - 8 bar
Noise level76 dB(A)
Weight3200 kg
Fuse protection16 A
Rated load capacity6000 kg
Lifting height2090 mm
Concrete strength/quality140 mm - C25/30
Oil quantity18 l
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz
Motor power4 kW
Mode of driveelektro-hydraulisch
Rated load capacity of wheel free lift3500 kg
Lifting height of wheel free lift490 mm
Width of runways665 mm
Length of runways6000 mm
Space of runways850-950 mm
Concrete strengthC25/30
Corrosion preventingCathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)
Lifting time35 s
Foundation depth w/o floor covering140 mm
Packaging length6050 mm
Packaging width800 mm
Packaging height700 mm
Lifting length of wheel free lift1530 - 2190 mm
Wheel alignmentstandard
Material of runway materialSteel
Drive-on ramps & cable canal for VLS 5450 and 5660 | Above ground | 2 pieces1 692 875 029
Drive-on flaps for VLS 5450 and 5660 | Inground | 4 pcs.1 692 875 001
Hose extension set for VLS 5660 series | 3m1 692 876 659
Jacking beam VLH 320 | for VLS 5450 and 5660 | 2000 kg1 692 875 002
Jacking beam VLH 330 | for VLS 5450 and 5660 | 3000 kg1 692 875 004
Elastomer block for auxiliary lift table | 20 mm | 1 pc1 692 875 033
Elastomer block for auxiliary lift table | 40 mm | 1 pc1 692 875 034
Elastomer block for auxiliary lift table | 60 mm | 1 pc1 692 875 037
Elastomer block for auxiliary lift table | 80 mm | 1 pc1 692 875 035
Elastomer block for auxiliary lift table | 100 mm | 1 pc1 692 875 036
Lift adapter two positions1 690 701 231
SmartLink adapter Universal | >5.1m platform length1 690 900 013
Lift adaptation for Q.Lign1 690 201 035

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