10/15/2021 Q.DAS: innovative, modular FAS calibration

Q.DAS: Beissbarth's answer to challenges in the calibration of driver assistance systems!

09/14/2021 Beissbarth GmbH – Senior Management Change

Marco Kempin – Managing Director and CFO has decided to leave the company after 14 years.

07/20/2021 Beissbarth – Team Rosberg’s new technical partner

“Together, we can now offer top performance, on and off the track."

07/19/2021 NEW: Beissbarth RaceScales!

Beissbarth launched electronic corner weight scales for optimal suspension tuning in conjunction with wheel alignment.

02/08/2021 Beissbarth introduces new premium tyre changer and wheel balancer

With the new wheel balancer MT ZERO 8, Beissbarth introduces full automation in the overall balancing process.

11/06/2020 Beissbarth Q.Lign: The most innovative wheel alignment in the world!

Beissbarth is proud to announce the newest innovation in the wheel alignment family, Q.Lign – the world’s first web-based wheel aligner.

03/24/2020 Beissbarth update on Covid-19

Due to the seriousness of the current situation we are fully supporting the local authorities to help contain the Corona virus.

02/21/2020 An unbelievably bright idea: Our MLD 9000 headlight tester

Headlight testing procedure is a new challenge for workshops.

01/15/2020 Beissbarth features a new corporate design.

The new appearance highlights competence in technology, innovative spirit and the brand's high-quality appeal.

01/15/2020 Everard are exclusive UK distributor for the Beissbarth Equipment